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Newton Fluid Technology Co.,Ltd. is a professional bellow sealed valves company located in China,which has nearly 22 years of valve manufacturing experience. Newton bellow valve is committed to design, development, manufacturing and sales of high-grade valve, and occupies more than 8000 square meters. It has about 160 staffs, 22 senior professional titles employees and more than 120 workers. We established a special team include a...

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Newton’s Semi-annual Marketing Conference in 2020

“----- Forging core strength to develop new potential marketsOn July 18, Newtons 2020 semi-annual marketing conference was successfully held. The theme of this conference is "Forging core strength to develop new potential markets", aiming to unify thinking, condense the spirit, stimulate power, and develop the market more actively and passi…“

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Newton Operation Center in Northwest China has been established!

“Take a key step towards the goal of "overall system solution service provider"! Newton Trap Workshop is officially launched! Newton Operation Center in Northwest China has been established!On April 27, steam trap processing center, steam dynamic testing and other intelligent equipment brought in at great cost have been delivered to the new…“

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